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October 21 & 22, 2022

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Contemporary Wedding Techniques

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These days’ wedding cakes are an art form in themselves with new styles, trends, and techniques being requested constantly. It is easy to feel overwhelm or feel you don’t stand out compared to your competitors because of all of the new techniques being introduced. In this course we will address a variety of new contemporary techniques which will help you stay ahead of the trends and help you feel more confident in creating unique wedding cakes for your clients. We will discuss a variety of mediums such as gold leaf, wafer paper, royal icing, isomalt, and even a new edible medium which you can utilize to create minerals and crystals without the need of isomalt, rock candy, and etc. There will be a discussion on how to color fondant dark, rich colors without damaging the quality of the fondant. Also, the instructor will explain how to create a raw gemstone fondant texture. In class cake dummies will be used but the instructor will discuss how to re-create this look using real cake for any of your clients.  All supplies will be provided by the instructor

Key Topics:

  • Learn how to cover extended tiers over 8 inches tall
  • How to color fondant to achieve rich colors such as emerald green and others
  • Basics of gold leaf and how to enhance gold leaf to create specific shapes
  • Learn raw emerald fondant texture and how this technique can be adjusted
  • How to properly use isomalt and get the best use out of it
  • Learn tips on how to make this using real cake for a client
  • Learn a new edible medium which can be used to cover cakes or be used to create minerals, crystals, coral, and more

Meet Your Instructor: Drew Padalecki

Drew is an award winning sugar artist who travels the country educating and spreading the knowledge of sugar artistry. Originally going to college for finance, Drew found his love for cake decorating and baking late in his college life. He became known on campus by students and professors for his ability to create delectable sweets. Shortly, after graduating with top honors from school Drew sought to travel the country competing at various cake competitions while working for the largest financial institution in the state of Texas. After winning several awards while having his wedding cakes featured in numerous publications Drew decided to pursue his passion for the sugar arts. Drew shares his tried and true recipes and decorating tips while traveling the country educating individuals in how to further their passion artistically and financially in sugar.