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October 21 & 22, 2022

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Judy Dahlquist

Almost 40 years ago, a cake decorating teacher was trying to recruit students in front of a Montgomery Ward’s store in Oklahoma. I really wasn’t interested, but decided to keep my friend company. The instructor was excellent, which got me excited to sign up for the following course also. And the one after that. And enter the cake decorating contest. And join the local cake club. And go to ICES conventions. I started doing a few paying gigs, but mostly just for family and friends.

I moved to Utah about 30 years ago, and found a group of cake decorating lovers like myself to surround myself with. I never became serious enough to start a business, but my husband decided to build a shed that he attached to our house, so I could store all the “stuff” I just HAD to get after seeing the professionals demonstrate their talents at a show. (After getting home I wondered, “What the heck is that, and what am I supposed to do with it?”)

Anyway, I mainly like to involve myself in the cake decorating community to learn all the amazing techniques people use and have developed. Although today I really don’t do many cakes, I still enjoy it, especially when it’s only occasionally, and when I’m able to dazzle my friends and family with the things I’ve learned over the years, thanks to the generosity of others who are always to willing to share because they care!

Chantal Fairbourn

Chantal Fairbourn is a notable figure in the sugar art industry and the driving force behind the Sugar Artists of Utah Show. As an International Certified Sugar Art Judge and former Utah ICES Representative, Chantal brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. She is also the proud owner of Chantal’s Cakes and Desserts, a bespoke cake studio based in Draper, UT.

Chantal’s passion for baking and the arts began early in life, thanks to her parents’ influence. Her mother created delectable desserts, while her father painted stunning oil masterpieces. With over three decades of experience in the sugar art industry and more than ten years of professional expertise in the event industry, Chantal’s expertise is highly valued.

Chantal has been a member of the International Cake Exploration Society, which enabled her to expand her knowledge and hone her skills in various aspects of the industry. Chantal’s desire to establish an annual sugar art show in Utah was fueled by her goals with this organization. Her work has been featured in several cake-related publications, and she enjoys teaching sugar art classes both privately and professionally.

Through the Sugar Artists of Utah Show, Chantal has found an avenue to promote awareness of the industry, assist others in honing and perfecting their skills, offer opportunities for innovators to showcase their craft, and expand her network of like-minded individuals from all corners of the globe. Her passion for the sugar arts is all-encompassing, and she remains committed to sharing her knowledge and expertise with the public.

Amy Goff

Amy is a local award winning Sugar Artist & Pastry Chef & the owner of  Frosted Custom Cakes & Sweets. She is a Food Network Competitor and a Disney Foodtastic Champion.

Amy has always loved to bake since she was a small child. She started out by decorating cakes for her children & it soon became a passion. She is a self taught sugar artist who fine tuned her skills with graduating with a Pastry degree from The Park City Culinary Institute in 2017.

Amy was a loves giving back to the community and was a volunteer and assisted in running the Northern Utah Chapter of Birthday Cakes 4 Free. An organization that provides cakes to Seniors & children in need. She also works with Make A Wish & is a Sugar Angel with Icing Smiles.

Amy loves to compete & to push her skills to the next level. She loves learning new techniques in isomalt sugar & chocolate work, creating realistic & gravity defying sugar art & cakes. She has received many awards in competitions and her work has been published in numerous publications.

Muyly Miller

Muyly started her own wedding and event planning business in 2011, The Muyly Miller Company. Under her company, she has branched into a host of lifestyle interests, including food and baking. She has been asked to appear on a number of local, daytime TV shows to share her knowledge . Her most recent, and ongoing, passion is teaching cake decorating classes to sold-out groups at a local wine bar, taking her classes to Cache Valley with the sold out groups Her baking won a blue ribbon at the Utah State Fair cake contest, and she most notably, commissioned to do a cake for Governor Herbert and the First Lady for a private event.

Emerlie Miller

Emerlie Ann Miller is a local award winning Cake Artist, Sugar Artist, Pastry Chef, and Content Creator of Utah who owns My Sugar Rush. She spent several years as a self-taught cake decorator, before gaining additional experience at a Harmon’s grocery store and the popular Cupcake Wars winning bakery One Sweet Slice. From there she moved to Toronto to earn a Confectionary Arts Diploma from Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts – A small scale, world-renown cake college. Emerlie learned the professional art of baking and decorating cakes and other pastries from current professionals in the industry who are the masters of their art. Shortly after returning home from school, she started decorating cakes on her own to what is now known as My Sugar Rush. Emerlie is passionate to teach advanced cake decorating techniques in a variety of mediums she has picked up from 10+ years of experience. She is also a 3 time Food Network competitor, and recent Food Network Champion on season two of The Big Bake. As seen on Santa’s Baking Blizzard (2019), and Holiday Wars (2020) as a Sugar Artist and Pastry Chef.

Tracie Smith

I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. That is exactly what happened! After graduating with a Bachelors in art, I went on to be a potter for over 10 years. After my 3rd child was born, I switched to cake decorating and have been doing that ever since! I love the art and joy it brings to others.